U&M's Story

How did it all begin? Living in the UK the streets where hate and discrimination still exists, U&M decided to make a stand for it and bring out a clothing line that will bring people of every culture and ethnicity together united. We started our mission as a small time brand by selling our products locally, realising racism is not only a problem in the UK we decided to expand as we felt selling to just our local area wasn't going to help us achieve our goal. This is when we decided that Instagram was where we were going to begin building the U&M community so people all over the globe are made aware of our movement and join to end hate.

All plain sailing? This mission was far from a simple task with hostility already being spread trying to unite people from different racial backgrounds was a task which seemed impossible. However our mission almost became short lived as cash-flow problems meant we could not expand our purpose to a bigger following. Self-doubt appeared within the whole U&M team as our attempts were not working. Failure after failure led to the last throw of the dice which was fashionable influencers who believed in our mission. Ultimately the news about our brand spread like a wildfire and this was the beginning of the U&M legacy.    

What do U&M bring to the table? We pride ourselves in giving the best material we can give which not only has a luxurious soft hand feel, we use 100% organic cotton tee which not only is good for style, but is also kind to the environment. 

What are we trying to create? We want everyone to be treated like they're a family member, which is why we have created the hashtag #uandmteam where those that want to rep U&M know that we are a team and we welcome anybody to our team no matter what they believe or what the colour of their skin is.

Here at U&M we want to thank all of you who are already part of the #UandMteam and keep repping and those of you that aren't... what are you waiting for?


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