Our Mission

This is how the U&M dream was started


What we strive for: Here at U&M, we want to build a community, one where everyone is equal no matter what race, colour or creed.

Everyone at U&M is viewed as equal which is why we use the hashtag on our Instagram page #uandmteam we believe everyone here at U&M is part of a team. (to become part of the team click the link to our page and give us a follow)



What does the U&M Logo mean: The Logo of U&M means people are different on the outside but the same inwardly which is what the ECG trace represents.

How it all began: We began selling T-shirts from home with the sole purpose of uniting every one of diverse backgrounds. Experiencing hate and prejudice living in the streets, we wanted the following generation to possess love and respect towards each other, We devotedly believe in equality.

In order for U&M to succeed we give away our tees to fashionable personalities who supported our goal for them to show to their followers. Gradually our name spread to surrounding areas and U&M went from to the brink of failure to inspire those looking for that extra push to go out there and be proud of who they are.

We believe the streets are for everybody and want to expand globally amongst various cultures and beliefs. you too can represent U&M's streetwear and become part of the #UandMteam.